About us


Balearic Dynamics, owned by Enrico Miglino, is a R&D company located in Spain integrating technologies, creates new products and develop software and firmware components improving with low-cost tools the field of Photography, Video making, Mobile communication technologies and more.

Beside small objects and components, tools, Balearic Dynamics also creates and distributes brand new products e.g. the SunphorPOS top-class selling system working in partnership with other worldwide companies both producers and sellers.


From printers to circuits

About five years ago I created the IbizaSocialPrinters brand, supporting the marketing for the hardware and software development of the first Bluetooth POS printer driver for Android. Then, things grew up and I was involved in wider and more complex projects.

Most of these projects needed software and hardware development. To make things faster the better way was to be able to manage the entire prototyping process in-home, reducing the waiting time almost to zero. When I started making the circuits and small mechanical parts together with circuit design, PCB layout, microcontroller firmware, and application software the new brand “Balearic Dynamics” came to life.

The new brand

If you loved the Fringe series, you will sure remember the Massive Dynamics big company, that inspired the idea for the logo. The name for the new brand was still in doubt. Around the middle of December 2013, the news spread that <<Google acquired the robotics company Boston Dynamics>> So, why not creating the Balearic Dynamics as well?

The simplification process

I frequently see that many makers, creators, inventors, hobbyists and so on approach electronic engineering in a very simple and less efficient way. What the market offers is a great number of DIY projects that in fact have very few chances to be used in the real world. In brief, the approach is bottom-top.

When things become more complex they fail, just because omitting apparently useless components makes things simple but not in the correct sense.

On the contrary, developing some complex architecture, some circuits parts can be shared among many projects. That is, our Arduino compatible kits: tools we already use as part of our projects now transformed in independent open-hardware modules for the customers.

This is also why – following the Open Source and Creative Commons philosophy – these projects are sold at a very reasonable price, full documented and explained.

I appreciate very much the opportunity to publish the entire project of every product on the popular on-line magazine electroschematics.com

About Enrico Miglino, on his own words

Born in Turin, Italy.
I have always had a special interest in electronics and communication. I had the chance to start working in the era of the first Personal Computers, just few years before their massive introduction, and very soon I started acquiring knowledge about hardware and software.
I developed researches, patented hardware and software-integrated technologies, wrote technical articles on several technical papers in Italy and more. During the last decade I developed software and firmware for embedded devices, new products for Android, Mac and Linux. Before the Android massive diffusion, I had been developing software as Nokia developer focusing my experience on the Qt development platforms on desktops and Symbian devices. My approach to Electronics and circuit projects involving hardware and circuit creation is strongly oriented to microcontrollers, from small devices to the computer-like micro as the well-known ARM processors family. I definitely avoid two things: redundance (i.e. making projects more complex than can be done) and excess of complexity (i.e. a great solution should be simple and cheap, otherwise it is not a great solution). For this reasons I frequently rethink projects or create new ones in order to make products and prototypes market-affordable and as cheap as possible without compromising quality. Five years ago I moved to Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain) where I currently live and work.