7-Segments LED Display Arduino Kit

The 7-Segments LED Display Kit for Arduino is described in the article published by Electroschematics.com


This board hosts four 7-Segments LED display. It should be driven by 32 digital PIN from a microcontroller. The kit works best with a series of shift-registers controlled by an Arduino board or another microcontroller.

The better way to manage this board with Arduino is using a series of 4 daisy-chained shift-registers. For more information and details on the shift registers usage take a look to the Shift-Register x 4 Arduino Kit.

The kit includes:

  • N. 1 50mm x 105mm dual-sided PCB with DIL Socket and 4 8-pins connectors breadboard compatible (green coated + silkscreen)
  • N. 4 7-Segments LED Display
  • N. 32 SMD limiter resistors
  • N. 4 8-outputs connectors breadboard-compatible + the VCC pin

The kit has been tested on many different Arduino boards, from duemilanove up to uno, mini, nano and Arduino-compatible boards.

Software and documentation download

Kit pricing options:

  • Full pre-assembled Kit: 21,00 $
  • PCB Only: 12,00 $

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Where to buy

You can find the kit on Tindie.com

ShiftRef-LED7Seg (1200x1200)  19