Click Remote Model 1


ClickRemote (1200px) 003Remotely control you DSLR camera, light painting and much more

Click Remote Model 1 is a programmable device managed by an infrared controller, extending the features of the DSLR cameras. Click-Remote has been developed to work primarily with Canon Cameras and has been tested on EOS cameras series 400D, 500D, 550D, 600D and Rebel T3i. It integrates with the Canon Magic Lantern software.

Why a hardware module?

The idea to build a DSLR hardware camera control module, especially for Canon Cameras already supporting the popular Magic Lantern software aims to empower the camera features – for in studio and outdoor shootings – when the software is not sufficient. This is also the reason why Click Remote works perfectly along with the features offered by the Magic Lantern software.

Key Features

The controller

The manageability of the hardware when working in difficult situations was the first problem to solve. The better and cheaper solution was enabling the controller remotely. In the very first prototype Click Remote was operated by a set of buttons: that solution proved unreliable when working on-field. The definitive solution was to control all the features and programming options of Click Remote with an infrared controller, that is, a TV IR controller (warning, not all the models work well!). With this solution you will have all the commands at your fingers also when working nearby the shooting subject, i.e. few meters far from the camera.

Make it interactive

Another feature that is not available in the Magic Lantern software is the possibility to dynamically interact with the system without stopping the programmed feature (e.g. long-time exposures).

Make it scripting

The possibility to create simple scripts gives Click Remote one more feature: you can program time-lapse sequences with different parameters to execute them in turn.

ClickRemote (1200px) 005Light sculpting

The light painting method is more efficient using a light sensor independent from the camera, that can be positioned and oriented where you prefer to light-trigger the long time exposures with variable sensibility.

Hardware enhancements

After studying many other DIYs and professional projects with similar features, the solutions adopted building the Click Remote electronic controller aim to give a better reliability making the system very responsive. The adoption of relays to trigger the camera shooting and flash control has proved a better method than the cheaper solution adopting a couple of transistors working on a limited number of devices.

ClickRemote (1200px) 002Where to buy

Click Remote is available now in several versions and models:

  • Device mount kit
  • Electronic mount kit
  • Fully assembled product

Click Remote Model 1 is on market starting from 60.99$ plus Monthly offers! follow us on Facebook /balearicdynamics and Twitter @enricomglino or follow the tag #ClickRemote for more info on last updated offer.
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Model variations and pricing

  • Fully Assembled: full working device ready to start (batteries and power supply not included) only 79.99$
  • Mounting Kit: full working assembled device including the IR controller and plastic Box, batteries and power supply not included) only 80.99$
  • Electronic Kit: electronic board fully assembled and the connectors ready for mounting in your own box (plastic Box, IR Controller, batteries and power supply not included) only 60.99$


  • Plastic box: transparent plastic box to fit the Mounting kit or Electronic Kit only 12.00 Eur
  • IR Controller: Infrared controller compatible with the Click Remote device. (IR Controller batteries not included) only 10.00 Eur
  • Rechargeable battery pack: 6xAA LiIon 2000 mA batteries to power the device. Included 2xAAA LiIon rechargeable batteries for the IR Controller only 10.00 Eur
  • Power supply: wall mount power supply to power the device. Included 2xAAA LiIon rechargeable batteries for the IR Controller only 12.00 Eur